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The naturist activity club is an independent non-land based, adults-only naturist activity and social club.

 We are most active in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex with some other events across other parts of the south of England.

 All our naturist events are organised and hosted by the ordinary members of the club for the members and reflect the interests of the members. Event details are sent to members by email and are likely to include: -

 Monthly Basingstoke naturist swim and Health suite - Naturist walks - Naturist picnics - Naturist meals - Naturist cycle rides - Naturist sports and games, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, Boules/Petanque, Mulkky skittles - Naturist club visits – BBQs - Beach meetups - Annual naked party (not 2020 covid-19 rules) - Members holidays - Meetups at other naturist events

Apply to join

 You can apply to join the naturist activity club by emailing the following information to

We need your real full name

Your email address

Your home postcode

£10 joining fee is payable by card.  You will be emailed a link to izettle card payment services.

Your name on the card needs to match so we can confirm your ID.    

Your membership will be processed once the details have been sent and the joining fee has been paid. 

If your membership application is unsuccessful you will be refunded the joining fee.

The joining fee from new members pays for our annual club insurance, covers our overheads and gives us some funds to organise naturist events.  

Club Rules

By attending our club organised events you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your own participation in the events. These events are organised and hosted by volunteers. You are responsible for your own actions and safety at all times.  Your actions should not cause or likely to cause harm, alarm or distress to other members of the club or members of the public.  The event hosts will normally tell you when it is suitable to be nude or not.

We welcome most adult naturists into our club but a member will normally be expelled from the club if that member whose behaviour is prejudicial to the good name of The Club, or whose behaviour towards other members is unacceptable.

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Facebook - We have a members only naturist Facebook groups.  Click here

British naturism chat forum - We have our own chat forum on the British naturism website.  Click here

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