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Naturist hiking is becoming very popular with naturists and they are becoming more confident about being naked out and about.
Once you have experienced the sheer joy of walking naked in the forest or countryside you will probably want to do it again, be careful though it can become addictive
It is not illegal to be naked in the UK while going about your lawful business. If you wish to reduce the risk of misunderstandings when approaching members of the public you my want to cover up.  It is much better to walk as part of a group if you are not used to walking naked, and the social aspect can enhance the experience.
Walking in woodland, can provide shade from the sun or wind. Open heaths, moorland, and grasslands, provide good views and you can usually see other walkers some distance away and take an alternate route or cover up if you wish.
Public footpaths, bridleways and by-ways are good places to walk naked, whilst it’s not illegal it’s probably best to avoid public roads.
When you meet somebody, behave in the same way as you would if you were dressed. You may see someone coming in the distance and decide to cover up before passing them. On other occasions they will suddenly appear round a bend, don't panic – you are doing nothing wrong
Just behave the way would if you had met them while you were fully clothed, be relaxed and enjoy the experience.
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